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philippechollet.net / Route Paris-Almaty

"Route Rennes-Almaty" is a series of photos and sounds displaying atmospheres on the Road from Paris/France to Almaty/Kazakstan.



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/ Description /

Photos after sounds, sounds after photos, from Paris/Montparnasse's station where trains are fast but silent, to Altmaty where their wobbling metallic structure is cracking (check it out by rolling over the buttons on the map).

This is a long jouney into the means of transportation between Western Europe and Central Asia.



/ Team /

Jean-Marc Forgeau and I did the road trip. We left France to Kazakstan where we then joined with Rozenn Chanvry and Aloua Tolkinbekova to do a couple of other things (music recording, report on the Ouigurs...) and then carried on to Pakistan (another story)...



/ Exhibitions /

The project and others related to the Kazak expedition were shown in the MIR (Maison Internationale Rennaise) in 1998 and 1999.