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philippechollet.net / How to Make a Video Documentary

Making a short documentary or a video report seems quite easier than it actually is. One often thinks : I go out there, I shoot my film and then I edit it... But who will be on site, there might be too much noise, not enough light... what will I ask or say, what will I reveal that is unknown, am I well documented and... how to make my story interesting ? What about the centring... the point of view ? I heard that the camera angle conveys specific impressions... And all that said, I know nothing about video editing...

This booklet is dedicated to beginner and amateur filmmakers using a simple camera or a smartphone. It is a step by step tutorial that, eventually, makes it easy to do a video documentary... (Hey ! If you prefer the document in french, cliquez ici !).

The PDF version is available for free @
Gumroad here.

The paper version is @ Lulu, there.